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Are you worried about exercising? Do you need help understanding what exercise is safe and effective for you? Our exercise physiologists located through our Mid-North Coast network of practices work with all types of clients and ailments. But What is exercise physiology and how can it help?

From musculoskeletal rehabilitation and chronic disease management, health & wellbeing to disability, occupational health and athletic development. We look at the big picture of disease and rehabilitation. We work in conjunction with your treating doctors and specialists along with our other in-house services including physiotherapy and massage. 

Our key focus is on helping people improve their activity and exercise to enhance their quality of life. We assess your individual needs and develop a plan to suit them. Our FREE Exercise Physiology Pre-Assessment is a great way to find out how we can help you. We’ll chat about creating a realistic and achievable plan, so you get optimum results. 

A safe and effective exercise-based intervention for people with acute, sub-acute or chronic medical conditions, injuries or disabilities. Choose from one of our ten locations in the Mid North Coast area including Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie.

How Can Exercise Physiology help you to

  • improve your core strength to manage chronic back pain
  • manage diabetes with safe exercise
  • reduce your risk of heart disease 
  • recover after a heart attack
  • lose weight through sustainable exercise
  • minimise the progression of Parkinson’s Disease and maintain function
  • reduce your risk of falls by improving balance and mobility
  • improve your athletic performance with a high-performance program
  • return to work sooner after injury
  • maximise the benefits of post-surgery rehab 


What is Exercise Physiology?

Exercise physiology explores how the body responds and adapts to physical activity and exercise. It examines the effects of exercise on various physiological systems, such as cardiovascular health, respiratory function, and musculoskeletal strength. Exercise physiologists understand how different types and intensities of exercise impact the body. 

With in-depth professional knowledge, they develop personalised exercise programs tailored to individual needs and goals. By analysing data from exercise tests and monitoring vital signs, exercise physiologists can determine the most suitable exercise prescription for improving overall health, enhancing athletic performance, and promoting well-being.

What’s exercise physiology good for?

Exercise physiology offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Increased muscular strength and endurance
  • Enhanced flexibility and mobility
  • Weight management and body composition improvements
  • Reduced risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes
  • Better management of chronic conditions like hypertension and obesity
  • Faster recovery from injuries and enhanced rehabilitation
  • Improved mental health and reduced stress levels
  • Enhanced athletic performance and sports-specific conditioning

Are there any contraindications for exercise physiology?

While exercise physiology is generally considered safe and beneficial for most individuals, there may be contraindications in certain cases. These may include acute injuries, severe illness, unstable cardiovascular conditions, or specific medical conditions that require special precautions.

It is essential to consult with a qualified exercise physiologist or healthcare professional, such as our professional physiologists at Mid North Coast Allied Health, to assess any contraindications based on individual circumstances.

What services do exercise physiologists provide?

Exercise physiologists provide a range of valuable services, including:

  • Fitness assessments to evaluate current fitness levels.
  • Development of exercise programs based on individual goals and needs.
  • Exercise testing to gather data on cardiovascular performance, strength, flexibility, and body composition.
  • Education and counselling on exercise techniques, injury prevention, and healthy lifestyle modifications.
  • Monitoring progress and adapting exercise programs as needed.
  • Working with healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care.
  • Rehabilitation programs for injuries or chronic conditions.
  • Guidance on optimising athletic performance and sports-specific conditioning.

What Is The Difference Between Physiotherapy And Exercise Physiology?

Physiotherapy focuses on the treatment of physical conditions and injuries through manual therapy, modalities, and therapeutic exercises. Physiotherapists often work in rehabilitation settings, helping individuals recover from injuries, manage musculoskeletal disorders, and improve functional capacity. 

Exercise physiology, on the other hand, specifically focuses on studying the body’s responses to exercise and creating exercise programs to optimise health and performance.  While both fields overlap in their use of exercise as a therapeutic tool, exercise physiology has a specific focus on exercise prescription and understanding the physiological effects of exercise.

Is exercise physiology the same as kinesiology?

Kinesiology encompasses the study of human movement, including various aspects such as biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, psychology, and sociology. While exercise physiology focuses on the physiological responses and adaptations to exercise, kinesiology encompasses a wider range of topics related to human movement.

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